“If Aga Khan was a friend, the Kielburgers are his BFFs”: Manny Montenegrino with Ezra Levant

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On the August 3 edition of The Ezra Levant Show, our good friend, CEO of ThinkSharp Manny Montenegrino, joined me to discuss the WE Charity scandal, Justin Trudeau's appearance before the finance committee and if all of this is actually getting through to the average Canadian. 

The big takeaway for Manny was this: 

In every case, you've got to get all the facts. So I went back to the mandate letters. The Prime Minister of Canada writes a mandate letter for every minister [outlining] 'this is what you're going to do.' Now, the media in 2015 applauded Trudeau for making these mandate letters public. The media applauded it, but they don't go back to [the mandate letters] to see what were the duties.

Well I did.

And each mandate letter, Ezra, specifically refers to the Conflict of Interest Act. The finance minister's mandate letter says you must read [the Act]  read every part, adhere to every part of the Act and you must conduct yourself accordingly. And then it goes further, in the mandate letter it says look, we just don't want you to observe the law — that's the minimum standard — I want you, says the prime minister to the finance minister, to have the highest ethical standards. 

Manny also made a point of comparing Trudeau's "friendship" with the Aga Khan to his "friendship" with the Kielburgers:

What came out of [the Aga Khan ethics report] was an interesting finding by the judge, that Trudeau lied, or Trudeau was not credible when he said the Aga Khan was his friend. The commissioner said, 'Prime Minister you are not telling me the truth, I will not accept your evidence because you haven't seen the Aga Khan for 30-some years. how could you claim him to be your friend?'

Now he forgets that. The media forgets that. I don't.

Fast-forward to the Kielburgers. If I use Trudeau's own standard... [are they friends] in the order of Aga Khan? The answer is absolutely, yes.

So here he calls the Aga Khan a friend, and he calls the Kielburgers a kind of associates. There's a thousand points more connection with the Kielburgers than Aga Khan. If Aga Khan was a friend, the Kielburgers are [Trudeau's] BFFs.

This snippet with Manny is a full segment from The Ezra Levant Show.

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