'Infuriating and devastating': Nursing student won't graduate because she can't take COVID vaccine

Jessica Whidden was studying to become a nurse, but due to her heart complications she is unable to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Everyday I receive emails that are truly heartbreaking.

Some come from university students who are in their final year of school but will be unable to finish, and therefore unable to move on to their desired career paths simply because of their vaccine status.

Others come from folks who have worked the same job for decades and are suddenly being thrown out because of their private medical history, being left unable to care for their families.

I would love to share each of these stories with you, but unfortunately there are simply too many.

It isn’t only emails, I’ve been approached on the streets dozens of times by people sharing the same types of stories.

All of this human suffering is a result of arbitrary and unconstitutional vaccine mandates that are devastating Canadians.

Whatever solutions government officials wish to implement, they simply cannot have so high a cost. This sentiment has nothing to do with the science surrounding COVID-19 and everything to do with the desperate pleas we hear on a daily basis.

We must protect both lives and livelihoods.

While we were out filming our recent interview with Whidden Construction Group, we met Jessica Whidden, the daughter of CEO David Whidden.

Jessica's story was not on our radar when we first arrived, but when we heard it, we immediately asked her if she would be willing to share it with our viewers.

Jessica was studying to become a nurse, her intended field was pediatric oncology. Finding nurses willing to work in childhood cancer is a challenge, the emotional toll can be devastating for even the toughest of people, but Jessica was not only willing to step up, she felt called to it.

Jessica’s own mother survived cancer, and if that wasn’t enough motivation, Jessica herself spent years in pediatric care at the hospital.

In truly inspiring fashion, having lived through childhood illness herself, Jessica felt uniquely equipped to be there for others. She had walked in their shoes, and would no doubt be a great comfort and a compassionate nurse to children battling cancer.

This beautiful full-circle story will, for the time being, not have a happy ending.

Jessica has heart complications and therefore cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19.

As such, her education has been plucked away from her. Her dreams of accompanying children battling cancer through the hardest fight of their lives — dashed by vaccine mandates.

Young women like Jessica who are doing everything right and want to make a difference should be encouraged. Instead, because of vaccine mandates, her dreams have been torn away from her.

Jessica is a fighter, so this is surely not the end of her story. But thousands more are facing similar circumstances.

These hardships are becoming far too common. I hear about them everyday. We must put an end to this before more harm is done and more lives are ruined. The implications for society are dire if we do nothing.

Go to FightVaccinePassports.com now to sign our petition and to help us fight on behalf of people like Jessica in court.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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