“Italy!!?!??” Trudeau PMO questioned sourcing test kits from Italy, but not China

“Italy!!?!??” Trudeau PMO questioned sourcing test kits from Italy, but not China
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High ranking Trudeau government staffers Matt Stickney and Leslie Church exchanged emails expressing shock that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) was considering sourcing some of its COVID supplies from Italy.

The email exchange was dated March 19, 2020 and was exclusively obtained by Rebel News in an access to information request.

Federal staffer Church contacted Stickney describing PHAC's plan to test six million Canadians using supplies obtained from China and Italy:

Phac has a plan: test 6M Canadians in 6 months. Requires 80k test kits {100 tests per kit) and 8 million swabs. We've got suppliers lined up to fill those orders, although they are in China and Italy.

Stickney replied a few minutes later expressing shock that Canada would choose Italy as a foreign supplier, ignoring the admission of Chinese suppliers:


Americans are ramping up seriously as well could be options there.

Church responded in kind:

I hear you. 1000 variants on test kits. Phac chose 2. Have an existing relationship with the Italian company. So far it's been reliable, but insert every caveat here.

A few months after the exchange, the Prime Minister's Office explored a recommendation that PHAC should “adopt a much more ambitious testing target and then get focused on supply chain.

You can read the full email exchange below.

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