It's despicable that liberal elites are supporting lockdowns | Jenin Younes with Ezra Levant

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Despite media, so-called experts and politicians linking individuals opposed to COVID-19 lockdowns as being right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists, there are people on the left of the political spectrum who are still concerned about the impacts these restrictive measures will have on society.

One such left-leaning lockdown skeptic is Jenin Younes, a criminal defence and civil liberties lawyer in Washington, D.C. who considers lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine passports to be a breach of human rights.

Jenin was the guest on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show where she discussed her opposition to these heavy-handed enforcement tactics, and how this approach impacts the low-income group the most. The same group of people who politicians on the left claim to represent.

Speaking about the “lockdown class” and the media that pushes for this approach from the government, Jenin told Ezra that:

Papers like the New York Times cater to the sort of liberal elite, the Zoom class — the people who can do their jobs from their living room without missing a paycheque. The New York Times has been fully onboard with lockdowns from day one.

They keep misconstruing the science in order to perpetuate support for lockdowns. And they run these pieces about actually why working from home is better. What about the people who have been put out of work? What about the restaurant workers? What about the single mom who can't send their kids to school because the public schools are closed, while the private ones are open as they are in New York City?

I mean, it's despicable... I cannot believe that liberal elites are OK with this.

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