Jennifer Dundas: Rename the landmarks if you want, just don't lie about why you're doing it

A descendant of the Scottish politician explains why Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow's push to erase Dundas is misinformed.

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On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was joined by Jennifer Dundas, a retired Crown prosecutor and former CBC reporter, to discuss Toronto's efforts to erase the Dundas name from the city. 

Dundas Street is one of Toronto's major roads, and has existed in the city for over 200 years. Two subway stations and a library also bear the name, a reference to Scottish politician Henry Dundas, First Viscount Melville. 

Now, the city's radical new mayor, Olivia Chow, is pushing to rename all these landmarks, because Dundas pushed for gradual changes in the British slave trade system rather than immediate abolition. 

As Jennifer, a descendant of the politician, points out, however, the mayor has been misinformed about Dundas's role in the slave trade and his actual accomplishments. "If they face up to the truth, then I'm not going to stand in the way or try to convince them not to rename Dundas Square or a subway station or a library," she said.

"As long as they respect the historical record and are honest with citizens about who Henry Dundas was, and the fact that they've decided to change this name for other reasons — and they may have very good reasons for wanting to put new names on some city assets. But if they're gonna smear our family name on the basis of lies, we will keep opposing them every step of the way."

Make sure to visit to sign our petition against the cancellation of Henry Dundas.

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