Leading medical organizations claim curbing climate change critical for preventing future pandemics

'They're implying essentially that if you don't support the Green New Deal, net-zero climate policies, you're a grandma killer because curbing climate change helps stop the next viral pandemic,' said Marc Morano.

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, ClimateDepot founder Marc Morano joined the show to discuss how influential medical organizations are misleading people by linking climate change and pandemics.

Mr. Morano explained how the American Medical Association (AMA) has now joined groups like the Harvard School of Medicine in essentially declaring that unchecked climate change leads to an increase in viruses like COVID-19.

Speaking about the AMA, Mr. Morano said, "They're implying that Covid was all from zoonotic sources i.e. from a monkey at a wet market in Wuhan."

"They're not up on any of the latest information, revelations, investigations by the United States Congress into the gain of function research."

Mr. Morano went on to say, "There were 200 medical journals right before I went to Dubai last November to the UN Climate Summit COP 28 that declared that climate change needs to be part of a public health response."

The ClimateDepot founder also discussed the movement within the U.S. to make healthcare services more 'environmentally friendly.'

"There's a whole movement afoot in the United States to go after hospitals and make them compliant with net zero," he said.

Mr. Morano referenced an article from Politico that examined suggestions such as implementing timers for operating room sinks, using more earth-friendly drugs, and limits on anesthesia to combat climate change.

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