Left and Right unite to resist tyranny | New U.K. Rebel joins Ezra Levant

Lewis Brackpool, a Rebel News reporter based in the London area joins The Ezra Levant Show to explain the growing unity between the U.K.'s political left and right.

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During the pandemic, Rebel News has expanded our coverage into not just Australia, but also the United Kingdom. The U.K., much like we're seeing in Canada and Australia, is struggling with restrictive rules and regulations imposed by an ever-growing and overreaching government.

And so it was that Rebel News added a new member to our growing team, a reporter in the London area named Lewis Brackpool.

Lewis joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to discuss the COVID and vaccine situation in the U.K., where despite the government relenting a bit by not mandating a vaccine passport, protests against restrictions have continued in London.

Speaking about the unusual coalition forming between those on the left and right of the U.K. political spectrum, Lewis told Ezra:

Brexit was a big turning point in politics, especially, obviously, in the United Kingdom, and it showed a lot of Labour voters who sort of defected, almost, from Labour after the massive divide that Brexit entailed. And it's repeating itself once again with all this COVID malarkey.

I was catching up with David Kurten who you might have seen in the extract from the video and he was saying the same thing. It's becoming like a Brexit 2.0. It's quite extraordinary to watch both the left and the right just coming together now and starting to realize that we don't like tyranny.

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