Liberal staffer pushes Rebel News reporter on a public sidewalk

While I was peacefully practicing journalism, asking questions to Liberal members of Parliament in Ottawa, the assistant to Seamus O’Regan decided that his right to walk wherever he desires is more important than my right to ask questions, and that therefore he was allowed to push me.

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Indeed, while challenging Liberal MPs Seamus O’Regan and Joanne Thompson, an unidentified assistant wearing both a mask and sunglasses took the task of preventing me from asking questions to heart.

I asked, while walking on Wellington Street outside of Parliament, the following question:

“Knowing that most gun crimes are committed using illegal guns, how will restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens help with gun crimes?”

This was too much for the staffer — he absolutely didn’t want O’Regan to answer my question. Perhaps he wished to help him escape me?

Regardless of the purpose behind the act, this intern pushed me and told me that his team would only speak to accredited media. Even outside, on the streets.

Does this mean that they would not answer the questions of a concerned citizen in Ottawa, or a constituent in their riding?

Apart from being a journalist, I am also a Canadian citizen. One that deserves answers, as I, much like you, pay their salaries.

If an employee working at Walmart gets asked a question related to his job by his employer, it is his duty to answer. I wonder if he would still remain employed even after refusing to answer several times…

But anyways, this is not even the craziest thing that occurred to me that day.

In fact, something much worse happened, involving security at Parliament. To know everything about that, make sure to follow us at Rebel News on Youtube, and definitely stay tuned. You do not want to miss this one.

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