Liberals RUN AWAY, Conservatives talk freedom convoy, economy, polls, and more

On Parliament Hill, while Liberal MPs were running away to hide from William Diaz-Berthiaume, Conservatives touched on voters’ trust in the CPC, the economy, and the NDP’s dental care plan.

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Another day, more politician scrums in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

On September 26, Rebel News’ Ottawa-based reporter William Diaz-Berthiaume headed out to Parliament to question Liberal MPs on their globalist policies that are contributing to Canada’s inflationary crisis, and more. 

As always, the Liberals were not able to answer the questions asked to them, instead telling Rebel News they “don’t have time,” or simply to “have a good day.” 

While this was occurring, Conservative MPs addressed a recent Mainstreet Research survey showing that the Conservative Party of Canada, under Pierre Poilievre, is dominating the Liberals in terms of voters’ voting intentions, with 40.8% of the anticipated votes, compared to only 32% for the Liberals.

When asked whether or not he agrees with certain right-wing voters’ feelings that the CPC let them down during the pandemic and the freedom convoy, outed ex-CPC leader Erin O’Toole stated that he does not. 


“What we really need to do to help Canadians is to lower the cost of living overall,” Deputy Leader Tim Uppal told Rebel News when addressing the NDP’s proposed national dental care plan.

“If you could lower the cost of the groceries, of the gas, and not increase them like increasing taxes which is permanent, then you would actually help families.”

Watch all the interviews by viewing the video above. 


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