Life under Melbourne, Australia's lockdown, now with 8pm curfew | Avi Yemini with Ezra Levant

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On the August 5 edition of The Ezra Levant Show, commentator Avi Yemini was Ezra's guest, sharing his experience of just what exactly life under Melbourne, Australia's very strict, recently implemented quarantine measure is actually like.

Australia is being seen as a potential case study for what a second wave of COVID-19 might look like. The lockdown in country's second largest city is providing insight into what could happen in other parts of the Western world, should a second wave of new cases occur.

Here's what Avi had to say about the situation:

It pretty much is [like prison]. Basically our government here [in Melbourne] lost control of the virus, whilst the rest of the country seemed to pretty much quell it... [the spread of the virus] was going undetected... Four weeks ago now, we went back into lockdown. It was a six week lockdown again to flatten the curve, and it didn't do anything because it had already got out of hand.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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