Lockdowns are destroying our communities | Derek Sloan with Ezra Levant

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Few government officials, on a federal and provincial level, have had the fortitude to speak out against the draconian measures that have been placed on Canadians in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. Those who do dare to share a different opinion are promptly removed from their party affiliation and smeared in the media as some sort of conspiracy theorist.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, one of those few politicians brave enough to speak out joined Ezra to discuss the negative impact lockdowns are having on society.

Former Conservative Party, now independent, MP Derek Sloan told Ezra why he thought his fellow politicians were so unwilling to oppose these restrictions:

It basically comes down to just sheer cowardice. And you're right [about reopening], we don't have to be the first province or country to open up.

We have examples close to us that are faring well. The data is coming out. You know... I was just reviewing the results of a study that looked at 80 different studies by a Canadian professor and he said that lockdowns are 282x as harmful as their benefits.

The data is out. It's a lack of courage and frankly cowardice on behalf of Canadian politicians.

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