Mainstream media and MP Meddick hunt for Kielan's 'attacker'

CCTV capture reveals man police seek to assist them with their investigation

Mainstream media and Meddick hunt for Kielan's 'attacker'
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Police have released images of a man the mainstream media have classified as an 'attacker' involved in an incident with Animal Justice Party MP Andy Meddick's trans-daughter.

Despite initial reports of an unprovoked attack which was politically motivated by her father's support of the Daniel Andrews' government's controversial pandemic powers bill, further details have emerged to paint a clearer picture.

Police say the altercation happened after the man confronted Kielan Meddick, 25, as she was spray painting over a poster.

"Investigators have been told a 25-year-old woman was approached by an unknown man about 11pm (on November 18)," Victoria Police said.

They had a verbal altercation before the woman threw the spray can towards the man as she attempted to flee.

"The man can be seen to chase the woman and throw the spray can which struck her in the back of the head.

"The man left the scene as staff from a nearby venue rendered assistance to the woman before she attended hospital for treatment to minor injuries."

Scenes from an incident on November 18 were captured by CCTV and police are hoping to speak to a 'caucasian man wearing a dark blue jacket with a light-coloured hood and dark pants and shoes'.

At the time of the attack, Meddick was under intense criticism for his support of the Daniel Andrews' government's controversial pandemic powers bill which is set for vote in the upper house of Victorian parliament today.

He publicly labelled the 'attack' on Kielan, 25, as politically motivated against himself, with his social media post used to garner widespread sympathy and support from various political figures and celebrities.

In an Instagram story at the time of the incident, Kielan Meddick, 25, said she was forced to run for help after being left bleeding in an attack on Smith Street in Fitzroy last night, where a man threw a spray can at her head.

"Tonight on Smith Street in Fitzroy I was attacked by a man for being 'political' he chased me down the street as I called for help he threw a spray can at my head," she said.

Kielan Meddick closed down her social media saying she had received death threats soon after Victoria Police released a statement about the attack.

After the incident, the public discovered the MPs daughter's own social media was filled with threats of violence and expletive-laden attacks on politicians.

Mr Meddick has said that he remains hopeful police can apprehend the man who allegedly injured his daughter.

"Regardless of whether she was recognised, or if it was pure coincidence, it is clear this heated and toxic political climate has played a part in the attack ... Many of us warned it would escalate to this," he told the mainstream media.

Meddick himself has openly participated in vile verbal attacks, even going as far as to abuse his parliamentary privilege to attack Jewish Rebel News Journalist Avi Yemini, branding him a 'Neo-Nazi'.





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