Marco Mendicino talks misinformation, public safety, 5G, and cybersecurity

Alongside representatives for the Centre for International Governance, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino discussed issues related to National Security in Canada. And, much like his boss, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was wearing funny socks.

Marco Mendicino talks misinformation, public safety, 5G, and cybersecurity
The Canadian Press / Patrick Doyle
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To begin, Mendicino claims that it is an important feature for the government to be transparent. He says that transparency is crucial to having a well-functioning society. 

Which is when I submitted a question in the virtual media Q & A box:

Marco Mendicino, you talk about government transparency and Canadians having trust in the government. Can citizens trust you knowing that none of the police forces requested the emergency act and yet you continue to say they did?

Predictably, Mendicino did not respond to my question, instead discussing the issue of misinformation and how the government should tackle right-wing extremism and disinformation.

The hosts then moved on to talk about the war in Ukraine. Mendicino claims that “[NATO & NORAD] are pushing back against the illegal invasion of Ukraine.” 

“It is no doubt in my mind that it equals war crimes and crimes against humanity,” he states. “But we are seeing incredible solidarity for what we are doing to push back against Putin.”

“[My office and I] are pushing to make sure that Putin has no place in Interpol.”

Then, when discussing the financial changes planned in Canada, Mendicino states that “there are new non-conventional ways people are investing around the world.” 

“Where cryptocurrency is used for subverting law enforcement, [we] have to work very closely with the financial sector to make sure to protect the interest of Canadian citizens,” Mendicino says. He states he believes the government should heavily control and regulate cryptocurrency. 

Towards the end of the conversation, the hosts move their attention to 5G. 

Mendicino decides to answer the question in French at first, saying that he thinks “there are enormous opportunities with 5G, and beyond.”

Mendicino mentions that the government wants to “fortify and strength[en] the industry.” Then, he says that it is absolutely vital to talk and collaborate with the sector of 5G and beyond. 

“We’re playing with one hand sort of tied behind our back,” he says. 

“One of the main themes I want to emphasize today is that it requires collaboration from [everyone],” says Mendicino. “If we’re being open, [we] can further strengthen the trust in our institutions.”

“I also think that because we are at this inflection point, it merits a national conversation and that’s why we’re here today. [We talk] about better transparency,” he says.

“It’s really important that not only government [but also] developers outside of the industry are really working together.”

Mendicino announces that throughout the summer he will be travelling around the country, holding discussions with Canadians about how the government can set the country up for success, both economically and internationally. 

CIGI then moves one to the question period, where, yet again, the hosts skip all of my questions.

When discussing Ukraine, Mendicino takes the opportunity to praise democracy. He claims that Canadian democracy is extremely important and says he is proud that Canada is one of the most democratic and peaceful countries in the world. 

The conversation ends with the hosts praising Mendicino for his efforts in helping with national security, and inviting people in attendance to share the event with their friends.


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  • By David Menzies

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