Maxime Bernier on his “common sense revolution,” splitting the pro-freedom vote

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If there was ever a sign that an election is going to be called when a minority government is in power, it’s when you see the leader of that government appear to be in full campaign mode — right around the time the polls appear to be leaning in their party’s favour.

Justin Trudeau’s recent spree of back to back public appearances, where he’s announced millions of dollars of spending in the communities he’s speaking in, have only strengthened speculation that we are likely heading into a snap fall election.

It’s no surprise, then, that other federal party leaders also seem be going full swing as well, making their own cross-country appearances and paying for campaign-type ads to call out their competitors.

One of those party leaders prepping for a coming election is the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier. Aside from independent MP Derek Sloan, who recently announced he will be starting his own federal party, Bernier has been the only federal leader to strongly oppose lockdowns and call for Canadians’ rights and freedoms to be upheld during life with COVID-19.

But given that Bernier will not be able to obtain enough seats to actually become prime minister in the next election, why should conservative and freedom-minded voters choose the PPC over other parties?

Watch this full report to find out Bernier’s answer to that question, and more, including his party’s stance on socially conservative issues such as abortion, and an explanation as to why he and Sloan are not working together in the next election.

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