McCarthy promises to remove Ilhan Omar from committees if Republicans retake the House

McCarthy promises to remove Ilhan Omar from committees if Republicans retake the House
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
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Republicans are going to remove Rep. Ilhan Omar from her committee assignment once they retake the House of Representatives in 2022 unless Speaker Pelosi acts first, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has promised. 

Speaking to Fox News, McCarthy called on Pelosi to strip Omar of her role on the Foreign Affairs Committee, and said that if she does not, the Republicans would do it once they retake the House. 

"This is an individual that has not once, but on numerous occasions, been anti-Semitic," McCarthy said on Fox and Friends. "Her own entire Congress had to rebuke her in (the) last one, but she's not just anti-Semitic, she's anti-American now and equating America to the Taliban, to Hamas."

Omar has come under fire for her comments comparing Israel and the United States to the Taliban and Hamas, as reported by Rebel News. Omar “clarified” the statement, according to the New York Times, saying that she had been misunderstood and that her remarks were not “a moral comparison between Hamas and the Taliban and the U.S. and Israel” and that she was "in no way equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries with well-established judicial systems."

Pelosi, who issued a sharp rebuke to the congresswoman from Minnesota, later walked back her comments, saying, “We thanked her for clarification.” 

“I will promise you this: If we are fortunate enough to have the majority, Omar would not be serving on Foreign Affairs, or anybody that has an anti-Semitic, anti-American view," McCarthy said on Tuesday. "That is not productive, and that is not right.”

Despite his remarks, Republicans have not officially threatened to force a vote to censure Omar for her remarks or taken any steps to remove her from the committee. The situation is expected to change as Republicans meet to discuss the matter on Tuesday.

In addition to his comments on Omar, McCarthy expressed his concerns about Biden’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, stating that the country was currently in “crisis” due to “Biden’s weakness.”

"America's worse off because of Biden's weakness," said McCarthy. "We're actually a country in crisis. The families are concerned about crime, about costs, about competitiveness. If you're sitting here drinking coffee today you're paying more. If you're eating the cereal, the milk costs more. If you get in your car and drive to work your gas costs more."

"Fentanyl has increased by 300% and now we have a president who stopped America from being energy-independent (with the) Keystone XL pipeline but rewarded Putin with Nord Stream 2 to give Russia greater control over Europe,” said McCarthy. "We are currently in a crisis based on Biden's weakness. Had he literally done nothing when he went into office, America would be stronger today."

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