Meet the most censored media company in Canada — no, it's not Rebel News

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra wanted to introduce the viewers to what he considers the most censored media company in Canada — no, not Rebel News, believe it or not CHOI-FM, or Radio X, a station based in Quebec City.

This station has faced difficulty in the past. All the way back in 2004, Radio X was facing the threat of being cancelled over a few complaints lobbied over several years; 50,000 people took to the streets to support the station, and eventually the CRTC backed down. 

Now the local government has gotten into a dispute with the station for its anti-mask viewpoints. But as Ezra explains, aren't media companies supposed to challenge the government?

Isn't that the role of the media too? To report the news, yes, but to be skeptical of governments. Especially in the time of crisis — to challenge them.

Especially when Parliament is prorogued or cancelled, and courts are shutdown and everyone's acting like sheep. Isn't that exactly the time when a different point of view is most valuable?

And really, if you're worried about people contradicting official advice because that's dangerous to public health, what do you say about Canada's health authorities who first said it was a bad idea to stop flights and then said it was a good idea to stop flights from China? Who first said that masks dont work and now say that masks do work?

I mean, we're supposed to take such clowns at face value? We're not allowed to laugh and mock Theresa Tam when she tells us to have sex with masks on?

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