There's a lot of money to be made in maintaining the pandemic

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The Globe and Mail reports that "scientists working at Canada's highest-security infectious-disease laboratory have been collaborating with Chinese military researchers to study and conduct experiments on deadly pathogens." What could go wrong? 

Meanwhile, our government insists that people who cross the U.S. border in the hopes of getting vaccinated must still quarantine on return, and people like New Brunswick premier Blaine Higgs are investigating the possibility that being vaccinated could be a prerequisite to work in settings like long-term care homes — even though the total number of New Brunswickers killed by COVID-19 since the pandemic began is a whopping 43.  

And, just wondering, how many deaths did the government's response to COVID-19 cause? Opioid-related deaths in Ottawa nearly doubled during the pandemic, according to the CBC, but is this just a case of ends justifying the means?

Who is going to tell the government that it's time to stop? And why would they start now?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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