Musician handed $450 COVID fine for playing in urban Montreal park

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Arnaud Mwasangule wanted to bring a little sunshine into the darkness of the pandemic lockdown in Quebec. But his act of kindness put him on the wrong side of the COVID cops, and now he's a new client.

Fight The Fines is an initiative of Rebel News' new charity, the Democracy Fund, where top criminal lawyers and civil liberties litigators fight COVID lockdown tickets on behalf of Canadians, at no cost to them.

Arnaud is living in one of the most oppressive lockdown cities on the continent: Montreal. It’s a place where people live under strict curfews and are routinely arrested for protesting the lockdown, and where police storm synagogues and arrest journalists who come to cover their brutality.

Arnaud wanted to make the lockdown a little less miserable for everyone, so he went to the park to play some music, to bring a moment’s reprieve from all the ugliness. That's when he got a $450 pandemic ticket. Insane!

We knew we had to help. is helping Arnaud fight his ticket in court with the help of a top Quebec lawyer, Christina Muccari. Contesting Arnaud's ticket will surely cost more than the ticket itself, but we think fighting for civil liberties is worth it.

To help Arnaud and hundreds of other people fight their lockdown tickets, please donate at Your donation to this Democracy Fund initiative qualifies for a charitable tax receipt!

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