NDP's Niki Ashton Faces Backlash Over $17,000 Taxpayer-Funded Family Vacation

Sheila Gunn Reid and Lorne Gunter discuss Ashton's scandalous trip which contradicts the NDP's 'self-image' as champions of the working man, consumer rights and social justice.

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On Thursday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid and Senior Political Columnist at the Edmonton Sun Lorne Gunter discussed NDP Member of Parliament Nikki Ashton's decision to charge the taxpayer for her $17,000 family vacation during the Christmas break.

Niki's expenses include $13,619.90 in airfare and other transportation, $2,508.39 for accommodations within Canada, and $1,512.83 for meals and other incidentals.

Gunter highlighted the irony of Ashton's recent criticism of grocery CEOs for allegedly inflating prices while she splurged on a luxurious holiday at taxpayer expense. This isn't the first time such expenses have sparked outrage; similar incidents involving NDP politicians have drawn criticism for perceived double standards.

Ashton defended the trip as business-related, aiming to meet stakeholders and discuss parliamentary matters. However, inconsistencies in her explanations and the lavish nature of the expenses have fueled public skepticism.

Ashton's expenses are in stark contrast to the famous $16 orange juice that once got a Conservative Cabinet Minister under Stephen Harper's government in hot water. 

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