UPDATE: No ArriveCan petition drop off

Rumours are circulating that the Trudeau Liberals will allow Canadian border and travel measures to expire on the anticipated deadline of September 30, which could mean the end of the controversial government-mandated ArriveCan app.

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The Orwellian, government-mandated surveillance app, ArriveCan, may be coming to an end. With Canadian government border measures set to expire on September 30th, many speculate that the government will also do away with this tracking app.

The controversial app was forced on travellers under the guise of upholding public health and border regulations in wake of what the government refers to as the COVID19 pandemic.

The far-reaching scope of this app being forced onto the personal devices of all travellers is why we launched a petition at NoArriveCAN.com and crowdfunded to support litigation in partnership with the registered Canadian charity, The Democracy Fund (TDF).

TDF launched a legal challenge against the app on August 24 in which it personally named federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos as a respondent.

Since rumblings are being heard that these border measures will not be extended past September 30, we have formally submitted the petition with over 26,000 signatures to federal Minster of Transportation Omar Alghabra.

Alghabra has been a fierce defendant and advocate of this measure.

Yet many Canadians have taken up legitimate concerns around downloading a government surveillance app to their personal cell phones, especially when the app's own terms and conditions read:

“Personal information may be disclosed to contractors working for the Public Health Agency of Canada and Service Canada as well as to the following entities: other government institutions, as well as provincial, territorial, municipal governments or international health organizations as well as their institutions for these purposes.”

The out-of-touch Liberals also appear to be in favour of the digitization that has many Canadians concerned, as evidenced by Tourism Minister Randy Boissonault’s remarks:

It’s become increasingly clear that my initial suspicion of this app was justified. It's meant to “modernize cross border travel,” but is part of the increasingly digitization of our world through partnership with the creepy World Economic Forum’s brainchild known as the Known Traveler Digital Identity platform (KTDI).

So will the Liberals move forward to extend the use of this app and other border measures, despite even President Joe Biden saying that COVID is over?

Regardless, we’ve sent this petition via registered mail to Transport Minister Alghabra so that the Liberals can see just how many Canadians do not agree with this Orwellian measure.

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