No reason to mask outdoors, says infectious disease expert

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I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself. A couple, walking hand in hand on a romantic stroll, with masks on. Or, even more bizarre, a person walking, or bicycling by themselves, also masked. But why? No matter how many times I’ve vigorously rubbed my eyes to check if what I’m seeing is a dream or reality, many people are still walking around outdoors wearing masks.

Recently, the American CDC has been called out for what appears to have been a misleading representation of data regarding the risk of outdoor transmission of COVID-19. The wording from the CDC easily led readers to believe that outdoor transmission of COVID-19 was around 10 per cent, when in actuality, based on a study that looked at over 230,000 cases, the risk is more likely to be around 0.1 per cent.

Click here to watch this full report where I interview Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease expert, who has advocated for mask wearing since the declaration of the pandemic. But Dr. Gandhi also says that due to accumulative medical data on outdoor transmission, there is no need for one to mask outdoors. Despite Dr. Gandhi being well qualified to weigh in on the topic, including being a professor of medicine and Associate Division Chief of the Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine at the University of California San Francisco General Hospital, she has received online backlash for going public with a medical opinion based on facts, and not fear.

At Rebel News, we’ve shown you many reports on just how out of hand this mask culture our society has adopted has become. From an elderly woman hooked up to an oxygen tank being kicked out of McDonald’s for being unable to wear a mask, to my own colleagues being detained by police for not wearing a mask outdoors while reporting, the range of victims of such harsh restrictions is far too broad.

If you believe in standing up for the little guy, and helping those who have received tyrannical fines and even criminal charges for doing normal activities during life with COVID-19, please donate what you can to our charity. Your donations help provide Canadians burdened with these fines with top-notch legal counsel at no cost to them, and are now also eligible for a charitable tax receipt through our partnership with The Democracy Fund.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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