Novak Djokovic set for 2023 Australian Open return

Star Serbian tennis player and champion of medical freedom tipped to return to the country that sensationally deported him last summer

Novak Djokovic set for 2023 Australian Open return
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Tennis ace Novak Djokovic looks set to return to Melbourne Park to contest in the 2023 Australian Open, a year after he was controversially booted out of the country.

Reports suggest Djokovic, a nine-time tournament champion, will be able to play in January's Australian Open now that unvaccinated travellers are allowed to enter the country.

Djokovic lost his bid to play in this year's contest after a trainwreck scenario saw him let into the country only to be sent packing as outraged Victorians cried foul.

Tennis Australia are confident the champion will be cleared to contest in the event despite initially being barred from entering the country for three years.

Djokovic was allowed to enter Australia last summer despite being unvaccinated after receiving a medical exemption.

Border Force cancelled the Serbian star's visa upon arrival, leading the tennis star to successfully appeal that decision in Federal Court.

However, then Immigration Minster Alex Hawke overruled the court's decision on 'health and good order grounds' citing fears Djokovic’s status could’ve caused unrest among 'Australian anti-vaxxers'.

Pandemic tensions at the time saw hundreds of thousands across the country protest against harsh government mandates that severely impacted the lives of everyday Aussies.

Victoria under the Dan Andrews regime was especially hard-hit by authoritarian pandemic rules. 

Djokovic also missed this year's US Open because he was banned from travelling to the United States.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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