Now vaccine-injured, former believer speaks out

Trina Huss of Saskatchewan believed she would die without receiving the COVID vaccine.

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As we continue to hear crickets from mainstream media about the reactions that Canadians are suffering from as a result of COVID-19 injections, more and more people are questioning the accuracy of legacy media.

A mere few months ago, 47-year-old Saskatchewan resident Trina Huss was an avid mainstreamist.

She relied on the mainstream media as her daily news source and was terrified into submission by their incessant and exaggerated COVID reporting and the focus on the idea of long COVID, while completely ignoring vaccine reactions that are happening.

Trina chose to get vaccinated because she thought she would die if she didn’t.

But after receiving her first Moderna dose, all of her pre-existing health conditions were exacerbated.

The pain that Trina experiences has been so severe that it has landed in her local emergency department multiple times. She now finds herself completely unable to work and struggles to keep up with the maintenance of her home due to the constant pain and inflammation.

Now that she has also recovered from natural COVID infection, Trina points out the inconsistencies in the justification behind the vaccine program.

Still, Trina has not had her reaction documented and has not received an exemption from further vaccine mandates.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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