WATCH: NZ mainstream media show their true RAINBOW colours

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki calls out New Zealand media and councils for supporting drag events marketed towards children.

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Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki is leading a fervent battle against the rise of drag queen and king events aimed at children in New Zealand.

Tamaki, a prominent and often misrepresented figure in the country, says that these events are sexualising children and robbing parents of their rights. And while New Zealand's mainstream media continues to attack Tamaki and his church, many in the country are starting to see his point.

"I would say that now the mainstream media in New Zealand have shown their true colours. And those true colours are that they are actually behind the whole setup of drag queens, drag kings in our libraries, sexualising our kids, stealing away the next generation without the parents' consent," Tamaki told me.

I have been embedded with Tamaki and Destiny Church for two weeks, noting their activities and demonstrations as part of an upcoming documentary: Destiny Uncut. They had planned a significant protest in Wellington against a local library's drag king story time, but the council cancelled the event at the last minute.

"We warned the council in Wellington, it's Upper Hutt, that they had a drag king, get this. This drag king is a woman who has now gone to be a man. So it's a drag king, he's going to tell you stories to toddlers. That's the word he used," Tamaki explained.

"We decided to tell the council that that's inappropriate, can't happen. Sexualising our kids, obviously, you don't need any discernment about it. Cut a long story short, they shut it down with our pressure."

Tamaki also pointed out that the New Zealand media is promoting the legal case against him and his church by linking to the crowdfunding efforts of the drag queens suing them.

"It certainly looks like they've chosen a side and it's not the side of protecting children," he said.

Despite the legal battles and media scrutiny, Tamaki remains steadfast.

"No, I won't lose. I'm here to win. Look at it now, we are already rousing the sleeping giant of Middle New Zealand."

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