Ontario's “digital ID plan” sure sounds like a vaccine passport

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Premier Doug Ford's Ontario government is set to roll out a brand new feature in 2021: a digital ID plan. Sure, it sounds nice and convenient — and voluntary, too. Nobody is going to force it upon you, and there's always alternatives.

Except... is that really the case?

That's the question Ezra Levant was wondering on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. While they've been ridiculed as conspiracy theories, vaccine passports have begun rolling out in countries like Denmark and Israel.

Speaking about the Ford government's new digital ID, Ezra explained:

It's connecting everything about you. Your name and who you're married to, your bank account, your vaccine status. But don't worry guys, don't worry. You don't “have” to use it. Digital ID will be optional.

‘Having a digital ID will be optional — you will still be able to use ID cards and certificates (such as a driver's license or birth certificate) if you want.’

Sure. You don't have to use this protean vaccine passport. No, no, no. There's no requirement at all. I mean, you don't really need a bank account, you don't really need credit cards — just use cash, right? You don't really need to fly on that airplane, just drive or walk, right? You don't really need to go into stores, right? Just shop online. You don't really need a job, right? I mean, no one's forcing you to do any of this... right?

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