“Open your business and keep going”: Nobletoyz owner encourages others to keep fighting

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At last Saturday’s Worldwide Freedom Rally protest at Toronto’s Queen’s Park, we came across Derrick Noble, the owner of Nobletoyz. Nobletoyz is a 3,000 sq. ft store in Bolton, Ont. that is jam-packed with terrific toys and remarkable collectibles. Derrick made headlines last November when he decided to show some civil disobedience and reopen his store, while his area was still in lockdown mode.

As you might imagine, it is important for a toy store to operate in the weeks leading up to Christmas. And why-oh-why was tiny Nobletoyz locked down in the first place, when just down the street, Walmart was selling the same sort of merchandise with the government’s blessing?

Those who have followed the Nobletoyz story are likely familiar with what happened to Derrick, thanks to him opening his doors to appreciative customers. Bylaw, law enforcement and even staff from the Ministry of Labour descended upon the little shop, tickets in hand.

And incredibly, on Dec. 19, Derrick received a hand-delivered letter from the office of Ontario’s Attorney General. The contents of that letter were staggering. Namely, the AG stated that Derrick was now risking IMPRISONMENT for the egregious crime of selling playthings!

Adding to Derrick’s misery was the fact that some friends and customers dumped him, saying they could no longer support his “lawlessness” in staying open.

So, sounds like a sad story, right?

Wrong. Because Derrick informs us that thanks to his rebel stance and thanks to the exposure he received due to our original Rebel News reports, business is booming at Nobletoyz!

Derrick says people have driven in from all over the province to shop at his store. And online, he is receiving orders from the world over. Indeed, business has never been better at Nobletoyz.

So perhaps Derrick should thank law enforcement, bylaw enforcement, the Ministry of Labour, the Attorney General’s office and all the various hysterical COVID-Karens who reside in Bolton. After all, the bottom line for a business is indeed protecting its bottom line. And these days, Derrick Noble’s bottom line has never been more robust. Little wonder that Derrick is crying all the way to the bank…

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  • By Ezra Levant

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