Toy store owner threatened with jail time by Attorney General of Ontario

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Unbelievable — and perhaps even unprecedented!

The Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General is threatening to throw the Toy Man of Bolton in jail — for “illegally” selling toys!

You may recall the tale of Derrick Noble, the owner of Nobletoyz, a 3,000 sq. ft. store jam-packed with terrific toys and fantastic collectibles in Bolton, Ont.

In late November, Derrick decided to defy government mandates and open his store. Bolton is in Peel Region, which has been in Grey Zone lockdown status for a few months now.

Alas, like other entrepreneurs who have taken a rebel stance against the government grinches, Derrick paid a price for being civilly disobedient, and soon received fines from bylaw enforcement officers, police officers, and the Ministry of Labour. His crime: simply trying to make an honest living.

But on Dec. 19, he received a hand-delivered letter from the office of Ontario’s attorney general. And the contents were staggering. Namely, the AG was peeved that Derrick was still selling toys. And forget about fines: the AG stated that Derrick was now risking IMPRISONMENT for this egregious crime! The baffling threat is right there in that hand-delivered letter Derrick received.

Well, enough is enough. So we are offering legal assistance to Derrick by taking on his case as the latest I Will Open assignment.

(Of note: we originally made this offer to him back in November when he was first fined, but Derrick politely declined, feeling he could handle this aggravation on his own. But with more government agencies now dinging him with fines and with threats of being thrown in jail, he agrees that he could in fact use a helping hand.)

Indeed, Derrick says that thanks to the exposure he received due to our original Rebel News reports, business has never been better at Nobletoyz. And he says people have driven from all over the province to shop at his store and support his position. It’s just not right that his hard-earned revenue should evaporate because of goofy lockdown mandates that prevent him from selling toys yet allow the likes of Costco and Walmart to do so without any problems.

We really want to ensure this particular toy story has a happy ending. And if you do too, please make a donation at, so that we can pay Derrick’s legal fees. Our thanks in advance!

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  • By David Menzies


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