Ottawa bylaw officers threaten street preacher with fines

In Ottawa on Dominion Day weekend, even the distribution of religious pamphlets was strictly forbidden.

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Well, that was some July 1 party on Parliament Hill last weekend, wasn’t it? Indeed, instead of a festive atmosphere on the Hill, it was oppression that took a lease in our capital city.

This was all thanks to legions of police officers and bylaw enforcement officers patrolling the streets of Ottawa, looking for laws and bylaws to strictly enforce, no matter how petty.

Case in point: we happened upon a man on Wellington Street handing out pamphlets to people regarding Christianity. Well, this would not be tolerated by Bytown’s brave and bold bylaw officers. And so it was that several of them descended upon this man and told him to move along — or else!

But why?

This man was not blocking traffic (Wellington Street near Parliament Hill remains closed to vehicles). Nor was he impeding pedestrian traffic. So, what was the problem?

Well, there was no problem, of course. But it was yet another grotesque example of freedom of speech/expression/assembly/religion being eclipsed by law enforcement for the sake of… well, we have no idea.

Thus, the man was given five whole minutes to move along. It was a perverse example of Beat the Clock. Tick… tick… tick… Our interview was cut short given he faced a fine of several hundred dollars by the bylaw officers looking on from a distance.

When we asked those bylaw enforcement officers what bylaw he was violating by handing out pamphlets, we were met with the sound of silence.

So, the question arises: was he actually breaking any bylaw in the first place? He was told by one officer that he wasn’t banned from Wellington Street, but he had to “walk and talk” instead of remaining stationary. Yes, “walk and talk” — like a prisoner in the yard of a penitentiary during exercise break.

So, welcome to Ottawa in 2022, folks, where no good deed goes unpunished. Our capital city is now devolving into a biosphere of the bizarre, in which the crackdown on our basic rights and freedoms continues at warp speed thanks to the Justin Trudeau Liberals pretending to “protect” us...

Happy 155th birthday, Canada; too bad there’s so little to celebrate these days thanks to the vandals who have been entrusted to run this country.

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