Ottawa police blocking our access to info requests until Trucker Commission report

The Ottawa Police Service told Rebel News it couldn't comply with access to information requests until the commissioner releases the final Public Order Emergency Commission report to Parliament in February 2023.

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The Ottawa Police Service is blocking our access to information requests until the Public Order Emergency Commission wraps up. I guess they wouldn't want us comparing our documents with their commission evidence in real-time.

The Ottawa Police Service has made some unbelievable claims, not only during the Freedom Convoy protests but subsequently in the ongoing Public Order Emergency Commission, including a claim from former interim police chief Steve Bell that he had no clue about the assault of Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie at the hands of police operating within his city.

Let me go back a second and put it all into context.

In late January and through the middle of February, thousands of Canadians, led by truckers, converged on the city of Ottawa to protest for an end to the remaining COVID restrictions, in particular cross-border vaccine mandates for truckers. They did it peacefully, jubilantly — and sometimes annoyingly, depending on who you ask — until our fragile buffoon of a prime minister, Justin Trudeau, invoked a wartime law, the Emergencies Act, to kill the protest, arrest its leadership, incarcerate them arbitrarily and seize their assets.

He invoked a domestic terrorism law that's never been used before on peaceful demonstrators in the nation's capital. It's Hugo Chavez-level stuff.

And the Public Order Emergency Commission is the official examination of the government's actions in invoking the Emergencies Act. It's a test to see if it was even necessary, which it definitely wasn't.

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The head-cracking, journalist-beating Ottawa Police Service, who saw a swap of leadership halfway through the convoy from former chief Peter Sloly to interim chief Steve Bell, is accused of all manner of impropriety beyond beating independent journalists and shooting them at close range with riot control guns.

They're also accused of snatch and grabs, unlawfully arresting peaceful protesters, illlegally detaining them and then dumping them on the outskirts of town in sub-20° temperatures with no phone or shelter and sometimes even no coats. Take a look at this.

And while the police were doing their best to put on a public relations charm offensive on social media, the public was having none of it. In fact, documents presented to the Public Order Emergency Commission indicate that public responses to the police's social media postings were overwhelmingly negative.

But I wanted to know more. We asked for other documents. We asked OPS to provide copies of all documents regarding the proposal development, posting of and responding to tweets about the trucker protests/convoy in Ottawa, all documents regarding the WhatsApp chat group “Social Musical Ride 2022” and the posts made there by police officers regarding the trucker convoy/protests in Ottawa.

That’s when the RCMP joked about trampling peaceful protesters and said it was a maneuver they should integrate into their performance.

The first response we got back was that the OPS didn’t keep the police text messages as official records. Strange, you would think just as a matter of good police work, the OPS would keep those records. But they didn’t

So, we appealed for the same records, minus text messages, and the police once again are blocking us. This time for another reason. They can’t give them to us because they are giving them to someone else, as though they only have one copy of digitally stored documents. Unreal, but this is the state of the OPS.

Look at this:

The police confirmed that they are seeking to place this appeal on hold until February 20, 2023 (the date the report of the Federal Inquiry is to be presented in Parliament). Currently, all efforts are focused on providing the necessary records to the Commission as per Section 7 of the Inquiries Act. Fulfilling individual requests prior to February 20th, 2023 would be a doubling of efforts that could delay and/or taint the record submission to the Federal Inquiry. The police also noted that there is the possibility that they revisit and revise their decision, following the results of the inquiry.

They won’t give us the notes because they are giving them to the Public Order Emergency Commission. That makes no sense. They may not be asking for the same thing as me, and the records I am asking for may not be part of the evidence relating to the parties involved. Are we going to see the RCMP musical ride goons on the witness list? Would the OPS testify about it? Probably not, but even if they did, should I not be able to fact-check them in real time anyway? Should I not be able to compare what I got through access to information to what the police are providing to the commission?

That’s probably why they won’t give me the documents until the decision about the government's actions is finally made. They don’t want all the facts out there. Just the narrow facts within the narrow guard rails of the official commission. 

We are appealing, but we need your help. If you can help fund our research and appeals costs to get access to these records, please make a donation at

Like it says in the Good Book, “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed or hidden that will not be known. Therefore, whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.”

See the documents for yourself:

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