Pandemic inquiry? How about an opinion on lockdowns, spending or travel restrictions

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Conservative Party Erin O'Toole recently released a grand idea to his supporters — one so big, so important that it merited being pinned to the top of his Twitter account. O'Toole wants a public inquiry into the COVID-19 pandemic.

There's just one flaw: the pandemic is still going, and how does this help improve anything right now? The entire idea hinges on O'Toole winning the next election, sometime many months from now.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra had a whole list of suggestions for topics the Opposition leader should be focused on, rather than pushing for an inquiry into something that hasn't even concluded, and while the civil liberties of Canadians are being crushed.

Before getting to his list of suggestions, Ezra wondered why O'Toole was going down this path, saying: 

This isn't some event that has come and gone and now that we're all done let's just sift through it historically like a forensic audit to learn from it and do better next time — like a mining disaster or the Titanic, it's over let's learn from it.

It's not over. The lockdown disaster, it's happening now. We can't wait until a Conservative government is formed before Erin O'Toole appoints somebody to do some critical thinking for him and report back to him. That's his job, by the way, and it's his job now — and there is no way he's going to become the government unless he himself expresses an opinion on the matter now.

Seriously. That's his big plan. Assume you're going to win, months and months from now, appoint someone smart then, and then wait to hear what that smart person has to say about the world. You don't have an opinion now? Is there some particular expert on life, on politics, on the world that's better than O'Toole to express the Conservative position right now? If so, can they maybe be the Conservative Party leader now?

Watch the video above to hear what suggestions Ezra has for O'Toole. For the full episode of The Ezra Levant Show, become a SUBSCRIBER to RebelNews+

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