Parliament Hill police feared Freedom Convoy truckers were armed

'If there was such a threat to public safety, how could you have allowed members of Parliament to walk by that protest every day?' wondered Conservative MP Raquel Dancho.

Parliament Hill Police afraid of Convoy supporters packing guns
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It is no surprise that the mainstream media tried to smear the Freedom Convoy. CBC previously posted an article about the convoy's GoFundMe campaign and had to retract part of that story after claiming, “Hundreds of the GoFundMe donations to the Ottawa convoy protest came from donors who said they were located outside of Canada, according to an analysis of data collected by CBC News.” 

Blacklock’s Reporter notes that “Legislators last night questioned why MPs and senators were permitted to walk freely among protesters if the convoy was considered violent.”

That is a good question. If there were ‘violent acts’ during the convoy from freedom fighters, why were MPs and even Ottawa residents allowed to walk among them if there were ‘weapons’ like the Parliament police claimed there would be.

Blacklock’s continued: 

No MPs or senators reported being accosted by protesters. No convoy members were charged with any offence involving legislators, political aides or reporters who attended Parliament Hill daily during the blockade.

“I came to the Chamber every single day during the convoy,” said Liberal MP Rachel Bendayan (Outremont, Que.). “I don’t recall ever seeing anything come out that would make me fearful of what was happening in front of Parliament,” said Senator Vernon White (Ont.).

“Did you ever fear there would be a breach of the precinct?” asked Senator Peter Harder (Ont.). “That came around the 17th, the 18th of February,” replied Director Brookson. Police were preparing mass arrests of demonstrators at the time, he said. No protesters breached Parliament buildings.

There were no weapon charges involving convoy members. The Toronto Star had falsely reported that “A police source said loaded shotguns were found.” 

Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino was another public figure who exaggerated the fear of violence happening with the Freedom Convoy. Mendicino said in February that “there were Ottawans who were subjected to intimidation, harassment, threats of rape.”

And yet there were no participants in the convoy who were charged with attempted sexual assault.

“I walked to West Block for two weeks past these protests,” said Conservative MP Raquel Dancho (Kildonan-St. Paul, Man.) “If there was such a threat to public safety, how could you have allowed members of Parliament to walk by that protest every day?” 

So, why weren’t legislators warned to stay away from Parliament Hill if the government claimed it was unsafe and that the Freedom Convoy protesters were indeed violent?

These convoy participants and their supporters were fighting against unscientific mandates and rallying for bodily freedom. Truckers from all over the country gathered in Ottawa, along with families and other individuals who were fighting for their rights and the rights of others.

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