Police DROP MORE incitement charges but protester fights back

One of Melbourne's original anti-lockdown protest organisers vows to fight on and hold police accountable

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Victoria Police have dropped all incitement charges against anti-lockdown protest organiser Solihin Millin just hours before his hearing was due in Melbourne Magistrates' Court. 

But in a stunning twist, Millin is fighting to keep the charges in place and has vowed to make police pay for their actions.

"First of all, the incitement charges can't be proved," he said.

"You have to have the evidence of incitement before you arrest someone and they didn't have it. So that applies to all the people who have been arrested for incitement."

Millin was charged with nine counts of inciting Victorians to protest against the Dan Andrews government's brutal lockdown of the city.

The news coincides with police also dropping incitement charges against Reignite Democracy Australia's Monica Smit.

Smit was arrested last year with harsh bail conditions which she refused to sign leading to a 22-day stint in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison.

In dismissing Smit's incitement charges, police gave the reason that her case was 'no longer a public interest in pursuing these matters, given the time Ms Smit has already spent in custody.'

But Millin was given a different reason with his age declared as the basis for the Office of Public Prosecution's decision to drop the charges.

"The arrest was obviously unlawful, they've said so ... They've dropped the charges, so how can they hold the other charges? There's no logic to it," Millin said.

"You can't lock an old fella up like me and lock him up for two years, give him bail where he's not even allowed to enter the CBD of Melbourne."

Smit has flagged her intent to sue police and, with Millin taking his case further with the magistrate adjourning his case to July 27 after not allowing the incitement charges to be withdrawn, public interest in the matters remains in the spotlight.

You probably won't see these stories in the mainstream media but no matter which way both cases go, Rebel News will be here to bring you the latest.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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