WATCH: Cybersecurity investigation on PRGuy Twitter account finalised

It turns out PRGuy is human after all

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Cybersecurity investigator Simon Smith has filed his report on the court-ordered data Avi Yemini received from Twitter last week.

In an Executive Summary prepared for Yemini's legal team, the expert said:

Thank you for your instructions and patience.

We have concluded our inspection of the disclosed Twitter account (Account Details) IP Activity in respect to your client's matter (Matter), and provide a brief executive summary of our findings below:

1. The Account Details contained six files (The Files), four of which were signed using PGP encryption.

2. We have identified two major Australian telecommunications carriers (Relevant Parties) who may be able to assist further in the Court process.

3. Between December 2021 and May 2022 there were over 400 individual NTP timestamped login sessions (Activity) containing associated metadata (Metadata), in addition to the account creation session (Account Creation Session) of March 2020.

4. 26 of those individual NTP timestamped sessions were initiated using clear IP addresses and passed through each of the Relevant Parties carriage service.

5. 14 of those 26 sessions were initiated using unique IP addresses (IP Addresses);

6. Based on our enquiries with the Relevant Parties, we have been able to establish Activity using a mix of both fixed line and mobile internet services (Carrier Line Details).

7. We hereby provide your firm with signed data to assist in your Matter, consisting of:

a) Account Details (including the Account Creation Session);

b) Relevant Parties;

c) Activity and Metadata; and

d) IP Address and Carrier Line Details.

Mr Smith added he's confident the data provided is enough for Yemini's legal team to 'have success' in identifying the account holder through the telecom companies.

Australia's top media and defamation lawyer, Justin Quill, is acting on behalf of the Rebel News reporter.

Once the identity is unmasked, defamation action may commence.

More to follow.

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