“Protesting is now illegal in Canada”: Twice arrested organizer speaks out

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It’s been a rough few Saturdays for anti-lockdown protester Kelly Anne Wolfe. For several months, Kelly Anne has enjoyed speaking to like-minded anti-lockdown demonstrators (a.k.a., the rank and file of “Yahoo Nation”) at various Toronto locations.

But as viewers of Rebel News know full well, things have recently taken a dark turn in Mayor John Tory’s Toronto, especially at Yonge-Dundas Square, which has inexplicably been “reimagined“ by the mayor and law enforcement personnel as a no-go zone. Indeed, apparently freedom of speech, expression, assembly and freedom of the press have been suspended there. (Though you wouldn’t know this if you are a follower of the mainstream media, because they’ve decided to sit this one out.)

But if you want verification of our disappearing rights and freedoms, just ask Kelly Anne, who has been arrested twice so far for being a common nuisance and disturbing the peace — that’s what they call having a contrarian opinion to the PC-approved narrative when it comes to the Wuhan virus these days.

In our interview, Kelly Anne weighs in on her violent takedowns by law enforcement, future demonstration strategies she plans to embrace and her thoughts on what she believes will be a massive anti-lockdown protest event on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Valentine’s Day.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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