'He's a WEF puppet': Rebel's Lewis Brackpool discusses the Farmer Rebellion and Dutch PM Mark Rutte

'He's spouting every single World Economic Forum playbook under the sun,' said Lewis, commenting on Dutch PM Mark Rutte.

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies was joined by Rebel News reporter Lewis Brackpool live from the Netherlands to discuss the ongoing farmer protests which have taken the nation by storm.

Dutch farmers have been rising up across the country and protesting to voice their opposition to potentially devastating 'climate-friendly' government policies that are in the process of being imposed on them against their will.

Regarding the Dutch government's proposed policies, the Indian Express reported, "The ruling coalition wants to cut emissions of pollutants, predominantly nitrogen oxide and ammonia, by 50% nationwide by 2030. Ministers call the proposal an 'unavoidable transition' that aims to improve air, land, and water quality. They warn that farmers will have to adapt or face the prospect of shuttering their businesses."

"'The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business,' and those who do will likely have to farm differently, the government said in a statement this month as it unveiled emission reduction targets."

Speaking on the thought process and motivation behind the Dutch farmers' uprising, including the government's planned implementation of new environmental policies that could cripple farmers' livelihoods, Lewis explained, "Now it's accelerated so dramatically, they thought 'enough is enough, we're gonna go out and make our voices heard because the government isn't doing their due diligence for the people.'"

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