Research team estimates 13 million deaths worldwide from COVID-19 vaccines

A group of four researchers used data from Israel and Australia to determine a vaccine-dose fatality rate of nearly 1% in the elderly population.

Research team estimates 13 million deaths worldwide from COVID-19 vaccines
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A team of four researchers acknowledged that it is now well established from autopsy studies and adverse effects monitoring systems that COVID-19 vaccines can cause death.

They used empirical evaluations and data analysis to determine a vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR) of nearly 1%, using national all-cause mortality and vaccine rollout data from Israel and Australia that compares the ratio of vaccine-induced deaths to vaccine doses.

Researchers Denis Rancourt, Marine Baudin, Joseph Hickey and Jérémie Mercier have been analyzing all-cause mortality (ACM) and vaccine rollout data at a population level and have now published their first age-stratified report on vDFR.

The researchers acknowledged that it can be difficult to differentiate the causes of excess mortality seen globally from pandemic-response measures like societal lockdowns, but ultimately discovered that it is easy to observe spikes in deaths that directly correlate with vaccine rollout initiatives.

These staggering increases are not easily explained when looking at historical trends, either.

Instead, all-cause mortality peaks appear to happen almost simultaneously with specific vaccine rollout programs, and are seen similarly throughout various jurisdictions, and sustained throughout multiple-dose vaccine campaigns.

The report said:

In all these cases, which we have studied, the vaccine rollouts occur at significantly different times, for different jurisdictions and age groups, yet are always synchronous with the step-wise increases and anomalous peaks in ACM.

The researchers discovered something novel – that it was the elderly and vulnerable most at risk of a vaccine-related death.

The authors concluded in their report:

Most importantly and concretely, our results establish a large vDFR in elderly people, as large as the 1% measured for India when frail elderly people and patients with comorbidities were targeted (Rancourt, 2022), and when the same was presumably done in the high-poverty states of the USA, under the banner of vaccine equity programmes (Rancourt et al., 2022b).

Prioritizing elderly people for vaccination, in the absence of relevant data, was reckless.

This is unlike previous reports on alarming all-cause mortality trends in younger demographics.

The authors justifiably noted that some readers will want to conduct a risk versus benefit analysis by comparing their findings to the highly controversial COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), but ultimately said that it has too many variables to be a reliable unit of measurement or comparison.

Reasoning includes COVID-19 cause of death as being susceptible to bias and uncertainty, while the reliance on faulty PCR molecular testing makes concrete causality difficult to validate.

Before summarizing their findings, the authors boldly ascertained that not only did COVID-19 vaccines not save lives, but they are also highly toxic. It reads: 

It is not unreasonable to assume an all-population global value of vDFR = 0.1 %. Based on the global number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to date (13.25 billion doses, up to 24 January 2023, as per Our World in Data), this would correspond to 13 million deaths from the COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

By comparison, the official World Health Organization (WHO) number of COVID-19 deaths to date is 6.8 million (6,817,478 deaths, reported to WHO, as of 3 February 2023), which are not detected as COVID-19 assignable deaths in ACM studies.

The controversial pre-print article was originally being hosted on the ResearchGate platform but was subsequently removed after it was deemed to be in contravention of their Terms of Service.

Rancourt is no stranger to de-platforming. He was permanently banned from LinkedIN and ResearchGate in late 2021 for posting scientific papers highlighting the harms and inefficacy of community masking and the novel injections.

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