Maligned viral immunologist sues his thought police attackers

The highly-regarded vaccine expert has faced ruthless attacks to his character when he tried to warn the public of mRNA risks in May 2021. But time is proving him to have been right all along.

Maligned viral immunologist sues his thought police attackers
Kenneth Armstrong/ Guelph Today
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In a 73-page statement of claim filed on December 19, Dr. Bridle has sued the University of Guelph (UofG), some of his colleagues, and others for alleged tortious conduct with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

He is seeking a total of $2.5 million in damages from a list of several defendants.

The claim details how successful Bridle has been at bringing operating funds to UofG and that his research lab was one of the “most active, productive and successful in the Department” of pathobiology. As a tenured professor, Bridle consistently received great reviews from students and has received several teaching awards, including having been twice voted top professor of the year, the claim reads. 

The claim also notes that “as a senior viral immunologist and as a researcher and developer of vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines, [Dr. Bridle] is a strong proponent of using high quality vaccines in a correct and evidence-based manner.”

Which makes the targeted and orchestrated smear campaign against him as an “anti-vaxx-er” and spreader of “misinformation” even more outlandish.

The claim alleges UofG is being held “vicariously liable for mistreatment” of Dr. Bridle, along with University staff and others including:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Witchel – Dean of the UofG’s Ontario Veterinary College
  • Laurie Arnott – Vice President of Faculty Relations at UofG as well as a senior administrative officer
  • Charlotte Yates – President and Vice-Chancellor/CEO at UofG
  • Dr. Scott Weese – Professor, veterinary internist, and microbiologist at UofG who also served as a member of the Ontario Science Table in January 2021
  • Dr. Glen Pyle - Professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at UofG
  • Dr. Andrew Peregrine – Associate Professor in clinical parasitology at UofG
  • Dr. Dorothee Bienzle – Professor and Veterinary Pathologist at UofG
  • Dr. Amy Greer – Associate Professor at UofG
  • Dr. David Fisman – Epidemiologist at the University of Toronto (UofT) who served as a conflict-of-interest riddled member of the Ontario Science Table
  • Nick Duley – a workplace investigator and certified human resources Leader with Northshore Consulting Inc. who is referred to as having ignored relevant information and co-conspired to harm the Bridle in an investigation report
  • Jane or John Doe “Junior Scientist” – alleged to have created the website and the fake Bridle Twitter account in collusion with Fisman, Pyle, and Weese.

The claim lays out a timeline that details a highly organized campaign to slander and discredit Dr. Bridle after he began expressing concerns over the fast-tracked research and development (R&D) of the novel mRNA injections beginning in August, 2020.

It was only after Dr. Bridle was featured by Global News correspondent Alex Pierson on her “On Point” radio broadcast in May 2021 that the public character smearing commenced, the claim says. Despite expressing concerns that were based on emerging science at the time, it is alleged that Pyle, Weese, and Fisman began a targeted harassment campaign against Bridle to silence and discredit his public safety concerns.

It is further alleged that the targeted attacks have been so well coordinated and orchestrated that police have hit many roadblocks while trying to properly investigate the harassment, and the physical and psychological danger posed to Bridle.

One of the defendants, Pyle, has an outstanding arrest warrant for his involvement in criminally harassing Bridle. It is suspected that he utilized police connections in an attempt to evade charges by having them withdrawn or dropped.

Shortly after Pyle’s arrest warrant was issued, rumors circulated that Bridle had been arrested and criminally charged – which was untrue.

Damages to Bridle include loss of standing as a credible scientist and academic as well as psychological suffering due to repeated slandering and harassment, the statement reads. 

Further damages include loss of income including lab access, equipment, and materials, and damage to his teaching career and research program as a result of discriminating vaccine mandates that refused to acknowledge natural immunity which saw Bridle ostracized from the UofG campus.

Overall, the statement of claim details a convoluted evolution of conspiracy on behalf of the defendants to evade investigation into the harassment and character assassination Bridle faced at the hands of their conduct.

Yet time is proving that Bridle’s suspicions and concerns were warranted.

Real-world data shows an alarming risk of post-injection myocarditis and that mRNA transfers to the milk of breastfeeding mothers. These are the exact biodistribution concerns Bridle has voiced all along. 

Purported 'experts' like Tara Moriarity who are “active in health misinformation responses and research” tried to quell the concerns of the ‘vaccine-hesitant' around biodistribution. Although it is now becoming abundantly clear that the novel injections are not benign biologics that stay in the shoulder, as previously asserted. 

That guarantee espoused by Moriarity is turning out to have been dangerous misinformation based on assumption, not fact.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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