Trusting the experts left Canadians susceptible to misinformation

Canadians were told to trust the experts; experts who are riddled with conflicts of interest and have been wrong from the onset.

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“Trust the experts” was a synchronized talking point through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts appeared to only be doom and gloom fear purveyors whose modeling predictions never seemed to come to fruition.

Some of the loudest voices in the COVID zero sect have been wrong all along and the access to information document I feature in this report proves it.

This report features a confidential report developed by former Ontario Science Table (OST) “expert,” David Fisman.

As part of the OST, Fisman was responsible for lobbying the Doug Ford Government with hysterical, unprecedented, knee jerk COVID-19 policy response plans. Oddly, many of the OST members come from the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

Fisman’s many declared conflicts of interest came out early in 2021 when he was found to be lobbying the government against school re-openings and simultaneously being paid by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (EFTO). A few months later, Fisman resigned from his position at the OST. Prior to his resignation, some of his declared conflicts of interest were with Pfizer, AstraZeneca, The Ontario Nurses Association, the EFTO, etc.

I have previously reported on his lengthy conflicts and ridiculous assumption based misinformation.

His unscientific, faulty hysteria last went viral when he published a “study” titled “Impact of Population Mixing between vaccinated and unvaccinated subpopulations on infectious disease dynamics: implications for SARS-CoV-2 transmission” where he essentially simulated a computer modelled scenario in which he made a bunch of non-evidence based assumptions and espoused it as hard data, despite the fact that the real world data painted the exact opposite picture. The same media that published headlines such as this front page segregationist propaganda from the Toronto Star, propagated this hogwash.

And yet, Fisman has continually gotten it wrong. The Ontario Science Tables doom and gloom predications never came to fruition. And his “study” is junk science based on pretend play virtual reality.

It appears that Fisman has never gotten it right. In January of 2020h, he prepared a then confidential COVID report for Ontario Health. His report was part of a larger ATIP but speaks volumes as to just how repeatedly wrong this “expert” has been.

Fisman refers to the virus as WUSEMPO, which is short for Wuhan Seafood Market Pneumonia. His first paragraph is already into assumptions and we know what assumptions do.

Fisman writes: I will assume that WUSEMPO infected a group of humans working at the market some time around December 20, 2019. Well, it’s now common knowledge that the World Military Games held in Wuhan in October 2019 was the first “super spreader event.”

Speaking of China, Fisman thinks that because of China’s travel restrictions, under “VULNERABILITY OF TORONTO” he says that there is little chance of cases coming to Toronto specifically, or North America at all.”

Wrong again.

Under “TRANSPARENCY,” he says the good news is that the Chinese institute of public health is super transparent and is apparently way better than what was seen with SARS….

In June 2022, Fisman was a Keynote lecturer at an event hosted by the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses called ESQWI. IT was called “Respiratory Viruses Summit: Pandemic Preparedness: Where Science and Policy Meet.”

In Fisman’s presentation, he acknowledges that COVID zero was never possible. Yet he advocated for it, in spite of the fact that his January 2020 refers to “WUSEMPO” as a “mutation-prone RNA virus” which means that the frantic pushing of COVID zero would have never worked.

And he discusses the evidence for masking, that all came from sterile labs with mannequins used, never real-life, universal masking situations – which actually show broad societal harms, especially to children.

Later Fisman talks about pandemic disinformation and alludes to the fact that social media is a culprit, noting experts traditionally “don’t do social media.” Fisman’s Twitter account contradicts this claim.

He then continues on to divulge super science-y pollster data showing a disinformation index and what Governments should do about it. Hint: it’s behaviour science.

These were the “trusted experts” at the helm of COVID response, heavily lobbying the government with knee jerk reactions and complete suppression strategies. As though totalitarianism could cure a seasonal respiratory virus.

Spinster Fisman is inserting himself into other expert roles, too. In a mere few months he’s gone from expert epidemiological modeler to expert climate change alarmist!

This whole presentation sounded to me like conflict of interest riddled Fisman was speaking as though he’s the victim here, not the people subject to the well-funded and orchestrated behaviour modification campaigns that leaned on cult-like mind control techniques, as though he didn’t get it all wrong right from the start.

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