Spineless Conservatives afraid to speak to Rebel News

Erin O'Toole's Conservative Party staff and candidates often have some reservations about speaking to Rebel News.

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Conservative Party of Canada communications director Cory Hann recently kicked Rebel's Alexa Lavoie out of an event in Quebec, citing repeated disruptions of party events. An odd statement from Hann, given Alexa's recent attendance and cordial questioning of Erin O'Toole at a different campaign event.

On yesterday's Rebel News DAILY Livestream, hosts Andrew Chapados and Sheila Gunn Reid discussed how the Conservative Party intends to differentiate itself from Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party, given their similar actions and similar policies.

Sparing no words, Sheila gave her thoughts on the Conservative Party's actions:

It does not matter who wins the debate, it doesn't even matter who wins the election. We are going to be in a battle with the Conservative Party of Canada for access to debates, for media access to press events, official government press events going forward because they are behaving just the same as the Liberals.

And the Liberals, actually, their communications people don't get quite as aggressive as the Conservatives do. We can actually get a little closer to Justin Trudeau than we can get to Erin O'Toole and I think it speaks to the fact that the Conservatives know that our questions cannot be written off as though they are in bad faith.

For example, CBC can ask a prickly question and the Conservatives can say that's just CBC, they're biased, they hate Conservatives. Well it's a little tougher to say that when it's a conservative outlet asking you that question that conservatives wanted answers to.

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  • By David Menzies

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