Stop Trafficking to Canada

Actions must be taken to end the situation at Roxham Road!

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This problem has existed since 2017 and it is getting worse everyday!

On February 6, Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams announced that he was subsidizing the travel of illegal migrants into Canada by buying them bus tickets using New York City taxpayer funds.

Eric Adams, the mayor of a so-called sanctuary, is using public money to traffic people into Canada across the illegal border crossing at Roxham Road, Quebec, where the majority of illegal crossings happen in Canada.

We need to take action now! So if you want to help me fight back, please go to and send a message to Eric Adams immediately!

A few short months ago Adams called Texas State Governor Greg Adams 'cruel' for buying bus tickets for migrants who had crossed the border illegally in Texas and to send them to New York City. 

But New York, unlike Texas, is a sanctuary for illegal migrants. That means that NYC is a city whose municipal laws protect illegal immigrants from deportation or prosecution, despite federal immigration law.

Eric Adams is doing what he accused Gregg Abbott of doing; trafficking migrants to our illegal border Roxham Road. Adams is part of the trafficking chain into Canada now and he is using public funding for doing it.

For a small price of $66 US per bus ticket, Eric Adams is making Canadians live with the consequences of his policies, and he’s getting the better end of the deal.

We know that 82% of illegal migrants that cross at Roxham Road end up in taxpayer-funded accommodations. The pressure this creates on the system is unprecedented, the costs associated with Roxham Road are in hundreds of millions.

Roxham Road set Canadian taxpayers back $201 million since 2021. Adding to this number, the federal government has spent almost $94 million since the last election, booking entire hotels for months to accommodate an influx of asylum seekers entering Canada.

Quebecers did not vote for Eric Adams, neither did the rest of Canada. We didn't choose this, and we didn't get to have a say, but we are giving you a chance to have your voice heard.

Go to, sign this petition and send a message directly to Mayor Adams that Canadians didn’t ask for this. And we don’t accept it!

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams

Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams directly to demand that he immediately stop trafficking illegal migrants to Canada through Roxham Road!

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