The Alberta Election Kicks-Off

Will Alberta stand united and conservative, or will the orange crush make a comeback? Calgary set to play tie-breaker with election too close to call.

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Though the Alberta election isn’t expected to formally begin until May 1, it is very much upon us in practical terms following weeks of social media campaigning and typical pre-election announcements from both the United Conservative Party and the Alberta New Democrats. We were on location for first of two UCP ‘kick-off’ events taking place on April 29, with a morning event taking place in Calgary and an evening event following afterwards in Edmonton.

Despite their name, The UCP caucus has been far from united since its inception, with a barely passed leadership review ultimately resulting in Jason Kenney stepping down from the party’s top job. The province will now for the first time vote on whether they will put their trust in Danielle Smith or if they want a repeat of 2015 with Rachel Notley and the NDP once again taking the reigns.

At the Saturday morning event, Premier Danielle Smith and MLA for Calgary-Shaw, and Minister of Municipal Affairs, Rebecca Shulz, addressed supporters in South Calgary. They both echoed similar sentiments about continued economic growth and “moving Alberta forward,” with Smith placing special emphasis on her commitment to not raising taxes. The premier also committed to getting hard on crime and restoring law and order within cities.

This election is far from decided, and the key battleground of Calgary may very well determine who wins this provincial election. I had the opportunity to speak to Minister Schulz about the key issues she believes the UCP must tackle to earn Calgarians votes. We also spoke about Calgary’s contentious new arena deal.

I also spoke with Minister of Justice Tyler Shandro about his efforts to safeguard firearms rights with the Alberta Firearms Act, which you can learn more about here, as well as the issues that his Calgary-Acadia constituents are most concerned about with this election looming.

I touched base with soon to be retired long-term MLA for Calgary-Fish Creek Richard Gotfried about his hopes for the UCP moving forward in addition to chatting with Minister of Children’s Services and Calgary-Cross Mickey Amery about the election as well as his work on affordable childcare.

If you’d like to learn more about why Calgary will be such a critical battleground in determining this election's outcome, you can watch my conversation with Tariq Elnaga in which we breakdown the details and numbers by clicking here.

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