The growing concern over Canada's Vaccine Injury Support Program

Tamara Ugolini joins Sheila Gunn Reid for a look at a recent Rebel News access to information filing which showed some concerning issues with the federal vaccine-injury support and compensation program.

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A recent Rebel News access to information filing uncovered how Canada's Vaccine Injury Support Program has been funnelling millions of dollars meant for victims towards high-priced consultants.

The program, setup during the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine rollout, was allocated a budget of $32.3 million. But as Tamara Ugolini reported, "just $12 million of that was dedicated to the victims of the 'safe and effective narrative'," with the remaining $20.3 million going to a consulting firm.

Tamara joined Sheila Gunn Reid on last night's episode of The Gunn Show for a further discussion about the concerning developments revealed by the program.

Reflecting on the coercive vaccine mandates and threats towards Canadians from the government, Tamara said told Sheila how this was a mixed message — and how Rebel News will continue covering this issue:

Meanwhile, as they're talking out of their mouth, that they're [COVID-19 vaccines] are so safe and effective, the government is also putting a program in place that compensates people who are injured so severely that they are unable to work, they're unable to keep up with their day-to-day, and/or they die. 

We have really been on top of this since the onset, filling access to information requests. For anybody at home, we have a special portal at, where all of our exclusive reports are housed and contained.

And what we discovered through those initial access to information requests is that the government, and when I say government I mean specifically Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, whose responsible for running this program. 

They originally accounted for, or assumed, that there would be approximately 400 claims per year, and we discovered that amount was tapped half way — so six months into — the first year of the rollout of this program.

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