The wrong son of Margaret Trudeau became Prime Minister

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Believe it or not, someone out there in the Trudeau family does value protecting people's privacy and identity. No, it's not Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It's his half-brother Kyle Kemper. The same one who was smeared in the National Post late last year.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed how Kemper might have a somewhat of a strange vibe about him, but that he's been largely right. The Post story talked about his belief that a global corporatocracy has taken advantage of the COVID crisis, that the battle isn't between left and right, but rather authoritarianism against libertarianism, that there was election fraud in the U.S., urged people to sign a petition put forward in the House that called COVID vaccines human experimentation, that there's a large divide in the scientific community over the COVID response and that pedophiles are running a child-trafficking ring and plotted against former president Donald Trump. 

Well, as Ezra said on yesterday's show:  

Haven't those all been proven conspiracy facts now? Is there any doubt that Jeffery Epstein was a child trafficker and that Bill Gates visited him endlessly? I tell ya, I never thought I would see the day.

Kyle Kemper isn't my first choice. Any guy who does that heart shape thing is probably disqualified from leading a country, but still, if I'm forced to choose... I think the wrong son of Margaret Trudeau became prime minister.

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