This is how police are ABUSING the system to FORCE compliance in NSW

Covid-cops are using the bail system to escalate summary offences to jailable crimes.

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Anthony and Natalie Reale were arrested, charged and fined for not wearing facemasks in their Shellharbour coffee shop two weeks ago.

Village Fix made headlines when NSW implemented mandatory facemasks for posting on Instagram:

"No mask? We won't ask!"

While it's illegal for a business to demand to check an exemption, police targeted the small business.

The pair were issued a $1,000 fine each for allegedly breaching the Chief Health Officers directions.

Police also criminally charged the pair for not wearing a facemask, and Natalie received an additional charge for maskless staff.

Both Anthony and Natalie have valid medical exemptions.

However, their strict bail conditions mean that police may jail them every time they leave their home without a mask.

We've added the pair to our Fight The Fines initiative to crowdfund their defence.

Please donate what you can here to help cover their legal bill.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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