Thousands hit Calgary streets opposing vax mandates at Worldwide Freedom Rally

One of the largest rallies opposing vaccine passports in the city of Calgary took place over this past weekend.

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Thousands gathered on Saturday in Central Memorial Park for the Worldwide Freedom Rally, where the impressive crowd then marched through the downtown streets, escorted by a significant police detail, in support of medical freedoms and in opposition to vaccine mandates.

Many countries around the world have begun to relax restrictions, cease masking regulations and are doing away with vaccine mandates.

This positive shift is leading many in attendance at the event to be hopeful that Canada is moving beyond the endless COVID-19 hysteria of these past two years.

Despite this hopefulness, many are still apprehensive over whether these changes will come to Canada and if they will last, or if something else, whether a new variant or some other new-fangled excuse to lock everyone down and undermine our freedoms will emerge just as soon as this crisis is over.

Worsening the apprehension of some in attendance is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal government’s seemingly unshakable commitment to vaccine mandates, despite much of the world moving away from restrictive policies, and the scientific evidence around less than advertised vaccine efficacy.

Many fear that even when most of the world has moved on, countries like Canada and Australia may be left relatively locked-down due to the moral busy bodies who are parading as political leaders.

We spoke with many in attendance, including some familiar faces like Jesse Johnson of Without Papers Pizza, former constable Brian Denison and of course Pastor Artur Pawlowski.

Hopes were high, the sentiment was that the world seems to be changing. But, people told us repeatedly that they would not let their guards down, that they would remain vigilant, and that they would continue to march until their freedoms were restored for good.

The Democracy Fund is hiring lawyers to challenge vaccine mandates across Canada. If you want to help the legal fight against this fundamental violation of our most basic medical freedoms, and get a tax receipt for your contribution, consider donating at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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