Toronto demands $25,000 to answer for missing COVID stats

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The City of Toronto is hiding something about its COVID case data — and they're trying to deter us from finding out what it is. They just slapped us with a five-figure bill, demanding we pay it in order to access the documents we've requested from them!

We aren't going to stop digging for the truth, but we need your help to keep this fight going.

Like many outlets, Rebel News used to use the detailed COVID-19 data provided online by the City of Toronto for our reports, until one day we couldn't.

In the middle of a pandemic where this information is crucial, Mayor John Tory's office stopped telling people the anonymous details of the people who were becoming ill and dying with COVID-19. And we think Ezra had something to do with it!

So we thought... Why not ask why and who ordered the decision to make the city less transparent and less accountable?

We requested access to any emails and conversations from Toronto Public Health (TPH) that preceded the changes to the COVID-19 status of cases on the City's website, and information on what prompted these changes.

And TPH advised us that they would have to spend 833 hours reviewing 100,000 emails at a cost of $30 per hour.

Total cost? $24,990!

We're going to appeal this bill, because we want to keep the politicians who are locking you down accountable — but we need your support.

To help us cover the cost of appealing this outrageous bill, please consider visiting and donate today.

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