Immigrated to Canada “for freedom,” but it's a “different country” now: Toronto still not free to open

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Whereas so many other provinces are in Stage 3 of economic reopening during this dark day and age of the Wuhan virus, it was only last Friday that Ontario moved into Stage 2 – meaning that restaurants with patios and barber shops could finally reopen.

Oops! Not so fast! Because when you check out the nittygritty fine-print of that announcement, it turns out that if you happen to live in the Greater Toronto Area, well, to paraphrase the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld: “No Stage 2 for you!” 

Yes, the GTA is still stuck in Stage 1! No patio service. No barbershops. No nail salons. No fun in the sun.

But why? How is such jurisdictional discrimination justified? I mean, how many times has Premier Doug Ford proclaimed, “We’re all in this together”? (And if you believe that slogan, I have a piece of infrastructure in a certain New York borough I’d like to sell you…)

Little wonder the hundreds of people who care about getting the economy reopened (a.k.a., “a bunch of yahoos” as Premier Ford likes to call them) descended upon the lawns of Queen’s Park for the eighth Saturday in a row demanding economic justice. Incidentally, there was also another protest, one for racial justice in light of the George Floyd murder, that later converged upon Queen’s Park that day. The Premier has yet to call these folks “a bunch of yahoos.” I wonder why?

In any event, Premier Ford apparently remains adamant that while everyone else in the province is getting out on at least on a limited basis to enjoy a lifestyle that seems a little more normalized, Ford would prefer those residing in the Greater Toronto Area to remain indoors and… bake cherry cheesecakes?

Hey, I have no doubt Ford’s recipe for cherry cheesecake is absolutely phenomenal. But alas, when it comes to his plan of reopening Hogtown and the surrounding area, this particular recipe kinda looks a little half-baked to me…

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