POEC documents show public sentiment overwhelmingly opposed to Ottawa Police Service

Reputational analyses prepared for the OPS in the week before the invocation of the Emergencies Act found the public attitude towards OPS was 57% negative and only 18% positive.

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The documents are on the public record as a part of the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC), the official examination of the actions of the Trudeau government in using the Emergencies Act (EA) to put an end to the Freedom Convoy, the nearly four weeks of peaceful trucker-led anti COVID restrictions protests in the streets of Ottawa.

The never-before-used EA, which replaced the War Measures Act, gave police extraordinary powers of arrest, detention and seizure of assets to disperse the demonstrations.

During last February's protests, the Ottawa Police Service contracted a market research firm, ASI, to monitor the sentiment of the public, and both the police's social media presence and the police, in general, were not well received. The February 7, 2022 report provided to police read:

"Overall sentiment on social media posts - virtually unchanged from Saturday (58% negative, 25% neutral, 17% positive)

Sentiment toward OPS virtually unchanged from Saturday (57% negative, 25% neutral, 18% positive)"

The POEC is tasked with deciding if the EA, and the suspension of civil liberties allowed upon its use, was necessary to manage the demonstration in the nation's capital, but also those simultaneously occurring at the border crossings in Coutts, AB and Windsor, ON.

To see and support Rebel News' independent coverage of the POEC, please visit www.TruckerCommission.com.

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