Trudeau's multi-million dollar luxury cottage upgrades (at your expense)

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How much has Trudeau spent renovating his official government vacation property in Harrington Lake, while the rest of the country is forced to stay home?

Conservative MP Michael Barrett (Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes) asked for Trudeau's cottage renovation receipts on May 11 of this year through an order paper question, only receiving an official answer back at the end of July.

Before we get into the current state of the Harrington Lake renovations, you should check out documents we reported on earlier this year explaining Trudeau's 2018 renovation plans:

Trudeau required upgrades to the property that included a tree house with a zipline, a $9,000 bee farm complete with bee farmers, a $6,000 organic garden, $13,500 to protect the garden, several new canoes and boats, and $2,000 to improve the ice on Trudeau's private skating rink.

With all those renovation plans in mind, here's what MP Barrett requested be made public:

With regard to construction and renovations at the Prime Minister's country residence and surrounding property at Harrington Lake: (a) what are the details of each new building or other structure constructed, or in the process of being constructed, at the property since November 4, 105, including (i) date construction began, (ii) projected or actual completion date, (iii) square footage, (iv) physical description of the structure, (v) purpose of the structure, (vi) estimated cost; and (b) what are the details of all renovations which began at the property since November 4, 2015, including (i) start date, (ii) projected or actual completion date, (iii) structure, (iv) project description, (v) estimated cost?

The answer?

Millions of dollars in itemized luxury upgrades.

WATCH the video explaining the receipts, and then check out the government's response below.

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