Trump voters are feeling a steal, not a loss

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we looked at the censorship of Donald Trump's social media feeds and the left-wingers telling those on the right that the potential loss of a second Trump term is just like when Hillary lost in 2016.

Here's a bit of what Ezra had to say:

The 70 million people who voted for Trump do not feel like Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Hillary Clinton supporters were upset because their candidate and party lost. That’s upsetting. But that happens to half the country every election. That’s normal.

Trump voters are feeling more than a loss. They’re feeling a steal. If you lose your wallet, if you drop it, if you leave it somewhere, if you misplace it, you’re frustrated and upset. But if you didn’t lose it —if it was stolen from you —that’s something completely different. A stolen wallet is a grievous offence; it’s morally unacceptable. 

Losing a wallet is foolishness, and you blame yourself perhaps. Having it stolen? It’s unjust.

Insane. Madness.

This is just an excerpt from the full Ezra Levant Show.

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